Employee Assistance Program

At ADMO, Inc., we know there are times when employees need assistance we are unable to provide. For this reason ADMO, Inc. offers a free and completely confidential Employee Assistance Program,WorkLife Matters, through Guardian Insurance.

Balancing your work and home is not always easy. With WorkLifeMatters, your confidential employee assistance program through Guardian and Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), you don’t have to face life’s challenges alone. WorkLifeMatters provides support and guidance for matters that range from personal issues you might be facing, to providing information on everyday topics that affect your life.

WorkLifeMatters can offer support with:

• Admissions testing & procedures
• Adult re-entry programs
• College planning
• Financial aid resources

Dependent Care & Care Giving
• Adoption assistance
• Before/after school programs
• Day care & elder care
• In-home services
• Parenting support
• Senior housing options
• Special needs care

Legal & Financial
• Basic tax planning
• Credit & debt
• Immigration
• Legal forms and will making
• Personal legal
• Retirement planning

Working Smarter
• Balancing work and home life
• Career & training development
• Effective managing
• Relocation
• Workspace diversity

Lifestyle & Fitness Management
• Anxiety and depression
• Divorce and separation
• Drugs and alcohol
• Grief & loss
• Health and well-being
• Pet care
• Relationship issues

With WorkLife Matters:

You have unlimited access to consult with a professional counselor via telephone.

Face-to-face counseling sessions are available, if needed, with an IBH network provider — and up to three sessions are free of charge as part of WorkLifeMatters.

For legal and financial topics, you are eligible to receive a free initial 30 minute office or
telephone consultation with an attorney or seasoned financial professional and certified
public accountant (CPA). Local referrals are available for more complex legal or financial issues for a fee.

A variety of training resources — webinars, video and PowerPoint presentations — are also available to help you manage your quality of life.